Blaine Youth Hockey Association

20/21 Board Member Application


Welcome to the BYHA Board Member Registration

Blaine Youth Hockey Association is seeking outstanding leaders with a heart for youth hockey and progressing our program. 

We invite those interested in becoming a member of the BYHA Board to complete the following registration.


BYHA Board positions are; 
President,  Vice President,  Treasurer,  Secretary,  In-House Director,  Boys Traveling Director,  Girls Traveling Director,  Hockey Director  and  Equipment Director.

BYHA Board Member Expectations

1.  Capable of a 3 year commitment to managing the assigned affairs of BYHA.

2.  Ability to attend all board-related meetings, serve on assigned committees, and oversee assigned coordinators.

3.  Commitment to adhering to the BYHA Board of Directors Code of Conduct and uphold the highest level of integrity for BYHA.

4.  Commitment to fulfilling any critical volunteer hours (DIBS) as needed.


Candidates must be a BYHA member in good standing, with a current or former player in the BYHA program, and currently reside in the Blaine School Boundaries.  

Selection Process

Board Member candidates need to attend the BYHA Annual Membership Meeting and will need a nomination from a member in good standing to enter the election.  The members in attendance will be able to cast a vote for one of the nominees for each open board seat.  Typically 3 of the 9 seats need to be filled at each Annual Meeting.  


Feel free to contact any past or present board members with any questions you might have.